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Provide the experience your clients expect without exposing their data

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WorkPlus helps financial institutions build trusting relationships with their clients. It eliminates operational and compliance risk by making internal and external communications more secure

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The need for secure communications in financial services

9 in 10

consumers want absolute omnichannel service



more revenue generate customers who are fully engaged with their banks



of people believe their bank provides effective customer service



increase in cyber attacks against financial institutions in 2020


Financial services companies can finally connect with everyone. Stress-free.


Talk to clients

Connect with clients across different communication channels and apps they already use on a daily basis.

Centralize all your financial conversations under a single messaging app that complies with the highest security standards. Unlike other messaging solutions, Rocket.Chat makes it possible to securely connect with clients, colleagues, and vendors via their preferred communications channels.


Talk to colleagues

Improve internal communication and team collaboration efforts. Empower your staff to always have easy access to important information and to their colleagues.

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Talk to vendors

Collaborate with vendors involved in delivering financial services for your clients. Whether they use Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, email, or other channels, you can talk with them all using WorkPlus.

Keep Your clients’ data protected

Freely communicate with your clients without

sacrificing their privacy.

With WorkPlus, financial service providers can anonymize and protect

any client data exchanged. Choose from a premise-based or cloud-based

compliant messaging app built by the highest security standards.

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Connect with your clients via their favorite channels

Excellent customer care starts with excellent service. Connect with your clients via their favorite channels and ensure timely and relevant communications without asking patients to install a new app.

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Improve operational efficiency

Help you agents be more productive, automate key touchpoints and securely communicate with external vendors.


Automate key touchpoints

Leverage smart workflows to streamline repetitive work. Use our chat API to automate routine patient outreach by sending timely and relevant messages that inform and engage your patients throughout their journey.

WorkPlus Improve operational efficiency.png


Client-centric contact center

Automatically route clients to the right agents to address their needs. Transform your clients’ experience using self-service and chatbots. Resolve cases faster with automated workflows.


Improve provider collaboration

Use channels, threads, and discussions to easily collaborate and communicate with colleagues and external vendors. File sharing functionalities make it easy for providers to exchange patient information in the most secure way.


Access full client conversation history

Full client conversation history enables providers to easily find and access important client information. No matter which communication channels your clients uses, the entire conversation is available in one place.


Reduce phone calls

Prompt your clients to start texting instead of calling. Modernize the way you connect with your clients and say goodbye to hours spent on phone calls, phone tags, and voicemails.


Boost user adoption

With WorkPlus, clients don’t have to install yet another app to connect with their financial providers. They can use existing channels and apps such as Whatsapp, SMS, email, and social media, resulting in higher user adoption.

What to look for in a compliant messaging app?

Must-have features and functionalities for privacy-councius organizations in banking and finance.


On-premise key ownership


Active directory integration


End-to-end encryption


Full conversation history


GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliance


Omnichannel communications


Mobile-friendly interface


Single sign-on

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