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Confidently deliver on mission-critical  federal objectives

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Integrate disconnected systems, information, teams, and tools into a secure, productivity-first platform. Deploy on-premise even in air-gapped environments.

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The need to safeguard against security threats, data breaches and cyber attacks


increase in cyberattacks on the public sector since 2019

National Cyber Security Centre


Federal and state entities attacked in the first half of 2020, only in the US

The State of Ransomware in 2020

471 million

personal records exposed through cyber-crime in 2018 in the US.

U.S. Identity Theft: The Stark Reality

Security or convenience. Why not both?

We remove communication barriers and streamline team collaboration capabilities within a single non-siloed hub. Optimize efforts across agencies and departments regardless of the tool they use. You can collaborate with them all using WorkPlus.


Communicate with complete data privacy

Own your data with self-hosted on-premises deployment or self-managed ISO27001 certified cloud option. Create custom user roles and granularity to control advanced permissions.


Improve communication and team collaboration efforts across agencies & departments regardless of the tool they use. You can collaborate with them all using WorkPlus.


Connect with citizens on their favorite channels

Communicate with public service users via LiveChat, Whatsapp, SMS, and Email. Answer questions, schedule appointments, and handle administrative messaging on a single platform: WorkPlus.


Control access to sensitive information

WorkPlus helps you simplify public sector personnel management by enabling organizations to create custom user roles and permissions based on their specific needs and hierarchy.


Foster inter-departmental collaboration

The #1 communications platform for government institutions

Deploy on-premise even in air-gapped environments

WorkPlus is built to help federal offices, departments, military

branches – including civilian and DoD agencies – deliver on mission-

critical objectives.


Adapt to the ever-changing Government IT requirements while ensuring data protection

Remain protected from cyber threats while maintaining public services up and running. With WorkPlus, government agencies can own their data by choosing a premise-based or cloud-based ISO 27001 certified messaging app deployable even in air-gapped environments.

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Centralize and control your communication ecosystem

Bring all your communications and productivity tools into a single platform without compromising data security.

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Securely replace email​ and improve team collaboration

E2E encrypted messaging through channels, groups, discussions, and file sharing. Have all conversation history available in one place and never miss important information.

Own your data with self-managed deployment


Open source transparency

Leverage the unique open-source flexibility that empowers organizations to extend our platform to meet their needs beyond proprietary solutions. All of it while improving cost efficiency and truly owning your data.


Our privacy-centric approach focuses on security governance, risk management, and compliance. WorkPlus is ISO 27001 certified and can be deployed on-premises for a highly secure, air-gapped environment.


Integrate with your daily apps

Set up bridges with other communication tools for borderless collaboration. Integrate and build automated workflows with project tools, including Jira and Confluence, to solve development issues faster.


Simplify user management

Manage user and group accessibility access by integrating WorkPlus with your Active Directory, SAML, and Single Sign-on application.


API-driven & highly scalable

Leverage our open API to integrate the platform with any private cloud, create integration points, and increase server uptime. Scale naturally based on your specific needs and team size.

What to look for in a government messaging app?


Self-hosted deployment

Feature and functionalities to look for in a secure government communications platform.


Secure data governance


Active directory integration


HIPAA, GDPR, ISO27001 compliance


Active directory/SAML/single sign-on


Role/permission-based access


End-to-end encryption


Unlimited conversation history


Omnichannel communications

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