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How to use the SaaS Model of WorkPlus?

For Administrator(Can access to both Admin Console & WorkPlus App)

Admin Console

Each Administrator will get an exclusive link for login to their Admin Console when creating their WorkPlus account. 

The login account to the Admin Console is the Administrator’s email address. The password is created by the Administrator. 

For all other users(Can only access to the WorkPlus App)

The App

The login account of each user is created by the Administrator, and the initial password for all users is WP123456

The App

The login account is the same account for login to the Admin Console. The password is the same password for login to the Admin Console.

Please refer to the info below for more detailed step by step guide. 

Step 1 - Sign up

As an Administrator, create an account on this page for your organization. You can access to both the Admin Console and the App once you have created the account. 

Step 2 - Confirmation

You will receive a Confirmation Email once submitted, please activate the account within the limited time(If not confirmed within the limited time, you will need to register again). 

Once you have activated the account, the Digital WorkSpace of your organization will be created and the page will jump into the Admin Console automatically. 

Step 3 - Create accounts

You can create accounts for each of your organization members and custom functional settings of the App in the Admin Console. 

Step 4 - Download & Login

Download the App


Please visit:  to download the App. You also can download the App by searching 'WorkPlus Global' in App Store of iOS.


Login to the App


For the Administrator, the password is the same password for login to the Admin Console.


For all other users, the initial password is WP123456

Step 5 - Bind to organization

All App users need to scan the exclusive QR code of their organization once logged in to the App in order to bind to their organization. 

The exclusive QR Code of each organization is displayed on the login page of the Admin Console, the Administrator should share the QR code to each user so they can bind to the organization. 


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