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Messaging app made for smart & efficient work

Boost your productivity with WorkPlus. All the features of instant messaging enhanced for teams, departments, C-level, and field workers for seamless and efficient workflows in any workplace

  • Text & voice messages, photos, videos, docs, & location sharing

  • Smart contact directory with customised filters

  • Department accounts, #channels, blast messages

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Secure & Instant Information Exchange

From text & audio messages to docs & photos, employees can share any info instantly, with no risks for data security. Whether in office or from remote, all workers are connected, updated, and resolve their issues in few messages.

Text Messages

Save time and remain focused by sending secure messages to colleagues in an instant with WorkPlus private messenger.


Exchange files and documents in seconds with our secure, leak-proof encrypted messaging app.

Voice Messages

Our patented one-tap system lets you send voice messages in a single click. Say goodbye to long calls and emails.


Need colleagues or co-workers to know your specific location in real-time? Send a location pin when you’re too busy to chat.

Photos & Videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words – and videos even more so. Send visual content to increase productivity and collaboration.


Organise meetings and events directly with WorkPlus Send invitations, create groups, and coordinate dates/times/venues.


Smart Contact Lists

Smart contact lists with customised filters for fast search and rapid outreach. Make your communication productive with easy-to-navigate contact directory that allows to find the right contact in just a few clicks using any custom search criteria and contact's property:

 □ Areas

 □ Departments

 □ Roles

 □ Skill Sets

 □ Location

 □ Projects

#Channels for Organized Chats with Colleagues

Organise all your discussions into channels on any #topic you want to share with your colleagues. Channels are an easy way to gather your peers and teammates to share info on #IT_updates, #Weekly_news, #HR_dept, or simply #After_work plans.


Call-to-Action Buttons

Send messages directly with CTA buttons such as "Take Charge", "Join Meeting", or "Accept Invitation". Just one tap, and you already have the reply. Saves your time, especially when in group chats, as you directly see who accepted your request, and who is working on what.

Department Accounts

One account managed by multiple users communicating on behalf of their entire department. Whether it’s Marketing, HR, or Finance, department accounts allow teams optimise their daily work as:

  • department mates are better coordinated and always updated

  • requests to the entire department are resolved collaboratively

  • teammates can easily pick up tasks and shifts for each other


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