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Integrate secure messaging in your software

WorkPlus is a secure enterprise messaging solution for both the private and public sectors.
Get secure messaging app integration with any of your existing systems, tools and softwares.

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Ready-Made for Integration

Integrate WorkPlus right out of the box with your existing software tools. Finally, a secure enterprise all in one messenger that simplifies communication throughout different business processes.


Intranet Fit

WorkPlus integrates into any intranet, corporate communications platforms, or other internal systems. Our intranet fit allows managers to track secure communications and work progress in tandem with existing internal systems. WorkPlus secure messaging app integration helps make the most out of intranet and custom internal systems you already have installed.

Enterprise Database Sync

Connect your enterprise database and directory for instant, real-time synchronisation with the WorkPlus private messenger. Import via LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL or any other backend database.


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