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Privacy-first communications platform built for IT companies

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Reliable, customizable, and scalable: meet the go-to communications platform for information technology companies looking for software flexibility and complete data protection.

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The need for secure communications within IT companies


the increase in email threats in 2020 due to the rise in digital activities related to Covid-19.

Mimecast Threat Center


of IT professionals think that remote workers are a greater security risk



more than 6 in 10 IT companies suffered a ransomware attack in 2020

Mimecast Threat Center


of remote workers said they use unsecured personal apps to access work information


Data protection or software flexibility. Why not both?

IT companies need a communications platform highly flexible and secure enough to keep their valuable data protected. WorkPlus provides both while enabling teams to be truly productive.


Supercharge team collaboration

Empower teams to have real-time interactions and quickly collaborate from within a single, non-siloed hub. Custom user roles, permissions, and control access to sensitive information.

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Communicate with complete data privacy

Own your data with self-hosted on-premises deployment or self-managed ISO27001 certified cloud option. Create custom user roles and granularity to control advanced permissions.


Enjoy limitless integrations & native apps

Accelerate your workflows by integrating tools you use right into WorkPlus: the platform supports 100+ native integrations and powerful apps to foster team collaboration and productivity.


Customize the look and feel of your workspace

Leverage a customizable interface with a complete set of white labeling options. WorkPlus allows you to customize your workspace to align with your organization’s brand guidelines.

Freely communicate with any stakeholder

without sacrificing data privacy


Have real-time conversations with internal and external stakeholders with

peace of mind. Decide whether to self-host their instance on-premises on

a secure environment that can even be air-gapped in their private

network or choose a cloud-based ISO 27001 certified deployment.

Workplus security information communication and collaboration platform.png

Easily integrate WorkPlus with the ever-changing IT stack

WorkPlus is an API-driven communication hub, which means that companies can integrate it with any private cloud, building automated workflows with project tools, including Jira and Confluence, and solving development issues faster.

Workplus API driven communication center.png

Centralize and control your communication ecosystem

Bring all your communications and productivity tools into a single platform without compromising data security.

Workplus collaborative communication ecology.png


Reduce email​ and boost team collaboration

Leverage channels, groups, discussions, location, and E2E encrypted messaging on a productivity-first platform. All of it while accessing complete conversation history, so you never miss important information.


Improve IT enterprise security regardless of the deployment choice

Our privacy-centric approach focuses on security governance, risk management, and compliance. WorkPlus is ISO 27001 certified and can be deployed on-premises for a highly secure, air-gapped environment.


Open source transparency

Leverage the unique open-source flexibility that empowers organizations to extend our platform to meet their needs beyond proprietary solutions. All of it while improving cost efficiency and truly owning your data.


Connect with any external partner

Outsourcing projects or working with agencies and external vendors? Communicate with all of them via WorkPlus even if they use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other messaging tools. Learn about inter-departmental communication on WorkPlus here.


Access control, identity, and device management

Configure custom rules and role-based permissions to control account access for each team and every employee from a single dashboard. Integrate single sign-on (SSO) with Google, GitHub, SAML, AzureAD, Active Directory/LDAP, and more.

What to look for in a communications platform for IT companies?


Self-hosted deployment

If you are looking for a flexible, scalable, and secure communications platform, look for these features.


Active directory integration


HIPAA, GDPR, ISO27001 compliance


Active directory/SAML/single sign-on


Role/permission-based access


End-to-end encryption


Unlimited conversation history


Omnichannel communications

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